Q: What is Augmented HDR (A-HDR)?
A: A-HDR is a ground breaking system developed by photographer and owner of Luminance Tours, Joseph Deats. This technique utilizes multiple off camera flash units (sometimes up to 11) in conjunction with HDR techniques. This incredible technique allows a full catalog quality flash look without spending hours and hours setting up lights just for a single photograph. The difference between standard HDR and A-HDR is astounding. Colors are truly accurate, there is no ‘blooming’ around lights or windows, there isn’t the ‘backlit’ feel that HDR has and windows are crisp, clear and vibrant. Luminance Tours is the ONLY tour company in Colorado utilizing A-HDR.

Q: How fast will I receive my photographs?

A: While most images are delivered in 24 hours, there may be rare instances where images will be delivered in 48 hours. The agent will be notified at the time of the shoot if images will not be delivered in 24 hours.

Q: How will I receive my images?

A: Photography will be delivered via a secured link where you will be directed to download the images. Images will be provided in high resolution and low resolution for printing and web placement.

Q:  What is included in my photography package?

A: All photography packages include:

  • A full HDR photo tour
  • Virtual tour link for agent and company use
  • MLS Embedded virtual tour
  • Realtor.com embedded virtual tour*
  • High resolution images for your print marketing needs
  • Low resolution images for web placement
  • Standard editing of all images including color correction,
    removal of lens distortion and basic removal of home blemishes.
    *agent will be notified if additional editing will be required. A rate of $50.00/hr will be charged for extra editing.

Q: Do you provide 360 tours?

A: Luminance Tours believes that the high level of distortion that is created in the 360 virtual tours do not properly represent a property. Research has also shown that the spinning effect of these tours create disorientation with the viewers and these potential buyers are less likely to continue viewing the entire property tour. We have found that high resolution, professional still photos accurately portray the property resulting in higher showings from interested buyers.

Q:  Do you provide video tours?

A:  Luminance Tours provides several different Video Packages for your property. These videos are not your standard real estate video tours.  We film in HD (1080p) with top of the line equipment.  We also properly light each shot and can even compose music specifically tailored for each property.  You can find more information about our video services on our “Video Page.”

Q: When will my tour expire?

A: Your tour will remain active for as long as you are listing your property.

Q:  Do you charge hosting fees?

A:  No. Luminance Tours does not charge any hosting fees for any of it’s services.

Q: The MLS number changed on the Tour. Do you charge for updating this information?

A: No. Luminance Tours does not charge to update your tours. If anything changes, just let us know and we’ll take care of it for you!

Q:  Can your tours be viewed on mobile platforms like the iPad or other such devices?

A:  Yes!  Luminance Tours prides itself in being able to offer it’s tours on different mobile platforms. All tours are developed in both Flash and HTML 5 to allow universal compatibility.

Q: Where will my tours be linked to?

A: Luminance Tours is an approved MetroList, IRES, and Realtor.com tour provider. All tours are embedded into these sites, where applicable, giving you maximum exposure for your tours. You will also receive a tour link for you to embed on your website or any other Realtor sites you may wish.
*Please note that non-showcase members of Realtor.com will be charged $19.95 to post tour to Realtor.com