Real Estate Marketing with Vision


Innovative Technology
At Luminance Tours we use a custom Augmented HDR system. Instead of batch-editing like other tour companies, we utilize full off-camera flash systems in conjunction with HDR. The result of this ground-breaking technique is stunning detail, highly accurate color renditions, and crisp, clear windows. Standard HDR is simply not capable of capturing these elements, making Luminance Tours the industry leader in photographic quality.

Superior Listings
The application of our techniques means that your listing is presented with unparalleled quality. We draw the buyer in through our superior images, resulting in more showings and ultimately more sales. Real Estate Agents in the luxury housing market utilize us because we are committed to the highest level of quality – which means you get more offers at the asking price you deserve.

Personalized Experience
Our goal at Luminance is to create enthusiastically satisfied customers through not only our quality work but our personalized relationships with you, the client. Each property is regarded individually and great care is taken to represent it with the highest level of attention to detail. We never schedule more than two tours in a day – allowing time to properly consider and effectively photograph each home.

Proven Talent
Luminance Tours is owned and operated by Joseph Deats, a nationally recognized Commercial Photographer as well as an award winning Fine Art Photographer. Luminance Tours saw its foundation as CME Photography –founded in 2004 – and was the first tour company in Colorado to offer Augmented HDR. This custom system equates to quality that is unmatched by any other Colorado tour company to date. The level of enhanced detail and clarity is unrivaled by standard HDR. This results in a professional and visionary approach that sets Luminance Tours apart from any other tour company.